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When I first traveled in the Galapagos Islands, they were truly "The Enchanted Islands" for me. I had always been fascinated with evolution, but during and after that trip I became much more motivated to research  more: more about Darwin's life, more about his journey on the HMS Beagle, and more about his theory-- about the history of his theory. Thus I became inspired to develop these three Power Point presentations. These presentations were developed using many sources, including Darwin's Autobiography and his famous The Origin of Species. . . These lectures were presented at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 2015  -- where I was a part time instructor. . . . Susan Fleck


Charles Darwin
Galapagos Islands

 * NOTEs - for viewing Power Point presentations:

  • *** Click on "NOTES" tab - right hand side of presentation (versus "outline" tab): There are very detailed notes about slides explaining the slide images, along with additional narrative. (There is no separate WORD/document for these presentations.)

  • *** Some slides have 'animation': If the slide appears blank with just heading, click within the main body of the presentation window to advance lines of text/animation. (The "Next" arrow just advances to next slide.)

POWER POINT Presentations notes / documents

Charles Darwin: Biography

 Discussion Notes: Darwin Biography
Click on "NOTES" tab -
      right hand side of presentation

Evolution: Darwin's The Origin of Species
By Means of Natural Selection

A detailed presentation (with 'notes') of Darwin's theory of Origins, including misconceptions about the theory, and Darwin's response to common objections to & difficulties with his theory of Natural Selection.

Discussion Notes: Evolution
Click on "NOTES" tab -
      right hand side of presentation

See Below list of links to 'handout'/supplemental materials for Darwin's The Origin of Species . . .

Traveling in Galapagos Islands:
(Suzi's two Adventures)
Why like No Other Place on Earth
Showcasing 13 Islands/Islets
Highlighting Birds, famous Fauna
Islands' influence on Darwin's Origins
Evolution in the Islands

Discussion Notes for Galapagos Trips:
Click on "NOTES" tab -
      right hand side of presentation



  Handout / Reference Materials:
The Origin of Species  - Chapter 4 summary: Natural Selection

The Origin of Species  - Chapter 5 summary: Laws of Variation

The Origin of Species  - Chapter 8 summary: Instincts

The Origin of Species  - Chapter 9 summary: Hybridism

The Origin of Species  - Chapter 10 summary: Imperfection in Geological Record

The Origin of Species  - Chapter 11 summary: Geological Succession of Organic Beings

The Origin of Species  - Chapters 12 & 13 summary: Geographical Distribution

The Origin of Species  - Chapter 14 summary: Mutual Affinities

Evolution: Misconceptions List (These are all covered in the power point presentation)

Darwin's Biography: A Chart of Important People, Events, Places to Charles Darwin.

Ranking Darwin's Influence: A list of many surveys from several sources that rank various aspects of "most important" or "most influential" people or books in 19th Centurey, or in second Millennium