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Suzi's Lair:
Home Page

I'm Sophia: Mom adopted me
when I was six weeks old,
in April, 2006.
Visit my page to see how
cute I was as a kitten!

I'm Kramer: Someone at
the shelter named me.
Mom thought the name was
perfect for my personality!
Visit my page to see what
she means about that!!!

This was our first meeting.
Sophie: "I lived alone with Mom
for six months, but I liked
having this cat around (I think)"

we became good buddies
(most of the time)

some people have said: "In my
next life, I want to come back
as one of Mom's cats!!"
We are NOT spoiled (much)!!!

Kramer: "It's amazing Mom got this picture, because Sophie, the princess, does not like to share chairs with me."

in Tennessee we lived next to a State Forest - lots of birds 'n stuff

Mom put birdfeeders right next to
our screen window - that should
be considered cat torture!

She made up for that by making
this really cool 'cat' backyard.
We're probably tracking a lizard here.
Visit Backyard Exploring to see
our really cool adventure!

Here is one of the lizards we
brought to mom

she let us play with it,
then she saved it and took it
back outside

sometimes we fight . . .

Guess who won that one!!!
We love helping with the Christmas Tree!

We don't like it when Mom goes
on trips. If she can't pack
suitcase, maybe she won't go!

Now she has to take me with her!

We miss our Wild backyard
in Tennessee, but we love
the Lanai in Florida

we get frustrated by squirrels who
think they own the place -
we watch them run all over the screens

Click here to see how much we
enjoyed watching a video
made especially for cats!

Click here to see pics about
our moving to Florida!

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