Great Horned Owl
- Photos by Susan Fleck
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owlets at Ft. DeSoto, Florida

Homosassa State Park, FL

Mom's backside blends in with
Spanish moss & tree bark

Mom, taking a nap

yummy- rats,
especially tail & foot!
(after other 'good stuff' eaten)

Honeymoon State Park-
juvenile - parents took over
abandoned Osprey nest

Kapok Park, Clearwater, Florida




mama watching over babies

Mama brings rat to babies

The following winter, the same
pair was using the same nest
'pocket,' but then abandoned it.
(Kapok Park, Clearwater FL)

 in captivity  - Homosassa St. Park, Florida


Bird rehabilitator,
Salt Lake City, Utah
this Great Horned Owl
has injured wing

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