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Denali Kenai Fjords Eagle &
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With 570,374 square miles, Alaska is twice the size of Texas and 1/5 the size of the rest of the United States. It stretches 2,400 miles east-to-west and 1,420 miles north-to-south. Its 6,640-mile coastline is 50 percent longer than the combined east and west coasts of the United States. (source: naturescience/animals.htm)

Denali: Denali National Park is famous for its beauty, the wildlife, and Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America. South Peak of Denali (aka Mount McKinley) - elev. 20, 320 feet - highest in North America. "Denali" is Koyukon Athabaskan for "The High One"

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Kenai Fjords: This was a cloudy, windy, and rainy day in the Seward area. Nevertheless, we did see a lot of sea-wild-life and, at times, beautiful scenery. With wind, rain, and 5-feet swells rocking the boat, many pics are not in 'perfect' focus (to understate).

Link to pictures of Kenai Fjords

Potter Marsh: an area just south of Anchorage, is a wetland that was "accidentally" created when the railroad was constructed in this area. This is an area famous for birders, with lots of boardwalk area to overlook nature and scenery. Melissa and I saw a bull moose here less than one hour after getting off the plane in Anchorage!! I also saw my first grisly bear, or part of it, for about two seconds!!

Link to pictures of Potter Marsh
Kenai, Talkeetna, and Botanical Garden:
Kenai: That is where Dolly, Jeff, and Travis live - they are quite the fishy-family :-) because they love to fish, to eat fish, to make all kinds of delicious things with it (smoked salmon, canned, etc.).
 Kenai River is world famous for fishing.
Talkeetna is an "artsy" town between Anchorage and Denali:  our rest-and-eat stop.
The Botanical Garden is in Anchorage.     
Link to pictures of Kenai & Talkeetna
Link to pictures of Botanical Garden

Scenic Highway: The 127 mile drive from Anchorage to Seward is a designated "Scenic Drive." The pictures show why . . .

Link to pictures of Scenic Highway
Anchorage Scenes: These were my travelling companions (the two in the front) - Melissa and Judy. They travelled to Cordova for the weekend to run a marathon, while I travelled to Kenai to visit with Dolly's family. These pictures are from in and around the city of Anchorage where we stayed the first and last day of our trip.

Link to pictures of Anchorage

polar bear, grisly bear, and

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