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Adam & Kevin
Oct, 2002

Mommy, Adam,Cole,
Kevin & G'ma Suzi
Oct, 2003

Wrestl'n with
G'pa Bob
Feb, 2003


Kevin, Mommy
Feb, 2003

Mommy, Adam
April, 2002

Kevin, Apr 2002

Kevin & Adam


Adam, July 2002

Live Oak Park
Fallbrook, CA

Mom brings hats from Boston (where she ran THE marathon)
April, 2002

Kevin - Legoland
July, 2002

Kevin & Mommy
Jully 2002



Here we are, the 'double trouble' kids (Grandma is just kidding!).
Kevin (left) and Adam

Our Daddy, Jim, Mommy, Melissa, and big brother, Cole.
Fall, 2001
We are 3 1/2 years old !!

Look how cute we are in our
Halloween costumes!

Kevin, the Spider

Adam, as
"Bob the Builder"

Carving pumpkins is fun!
Halloween, 2001
Adam with Mr. (?) Potato Head;
Kevin hugs his puppy.

Our Grandma Suzi - Oct. 2001

Our  brother, Cole.

Twins_table.JPG (19591 bytes)
Almost 3 years old here.

July, 2001
Adam   Adam_beach1.JPG (36426 bytes)

Kevin_beach.JPG (39962 bytes)  Kevin
Adam_beach2.jpg (26101 bytes) Adam

Hey Kevin, what's hanging out of your
mouth ???
Kev_tongueout.JPG (48535 bytes)

Kevin_Bike.jpg (26803 bytes)
Kevin learns to ride his bike

Adam_Bike.JPG (27558 bytes)
Adam rides his bike too!!

This is our brother, Cole, our Daddy, Jim; and our Mommy, Melissa. We are a pretty good looking family, even if we do say so ourselves (or, at least, Grandma is saying so!!).
 Fall, 2001 

December, 1999 Twins_99_12_1.jpg (35464 bytes)

mel_adam.jpg (38058 bytes) Adam and Mommy at a pool party.

Vboys_McDonalds_small.JPG (2912 bytes)
Yummy! Ronald, you want a lick?

Baby Pictures: (when we used to be little)

* * * * * * *

V-twins-3.jpg (14532 bytes)

Here we are, cute as two peas in a pod!  Kevin is on the left and Adam is on the right.  We were about 4 or 5 months old here.
kevin-1.jpg (10282 bytes)    Kevin

adam-1.jpg (11840 bytes)ADAM

We tend to get "fussy"   Twins-unhappy.jpg (13641 bytes)
when you take so
many pictures!!
We were pretty little when we were born
on May 27, 1998 (just a few hours before

our Mommy's birthday!).  We weighed       Twins-Inc1.JPG (48600 bytes)
right around 3 pounds, each.  We had
to stay in a yukky incubator for a while,
but that helped us get strong!
    Adam-Mom1.JPG (39482 bytes)     This was while we were
still in the hospital.  I'm Adam.
   I'm Kevin.  We liked it when our Mommy would hold us.
  kev-mom1.jpg (39219 bytes)
We especially love it when Grandma Suzi holds us tw-grama.jpg (25893 bytes) Why does Mommy want to
sleep so much?                           tw-sleep-mom.JPG (53048 bytes)
tw-touch1.JPG (31121 bytes)  MOMMY! DADDY!  He's touching me!  tw-98aug1.JPG (43671 bytes)   "Look out, Kevin,   Grandma is back with her camera!!"  (August, 1998 - 2 1/2 months)
Adam:  "Will someone please get me out of here?"

adam-getmeout.JPG (25807 bytes)

kev-getmeout.JPG (25172 bytes)
Kevin:  "Me too!  Get me out of here!"

Adam:  "I think Dad went that way"

adam-thatway.JPG (37359 bytes)

kev-fightin.JPG (46785 bytes)
Kevin:  "Don't mess with me!"                         

Cole counts his brother's toes
Cole-count-toes.JPG (46127 bytes)

kev-98aug1.JPG (36868 bytes)
You can see why we call Kevin "Bright Eyes."

tw-cole1.jpg (34531 bytes)  Our brother, Cole, is not real sure what has happened to his world.  We will clue him in very soon! tw-dad1.jpg (48664 bytes)   "Dad, why do you look so tired?"

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