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Hello! I'm Suzi, owner of this Cyber Lair   (10/03)
Click on the 2003 and 2002 Year Scrapbook links on the left to view pictures of Bob, Suzi, relatives and friends. For years prior to 2002, scroll down this page
  To view pictures of the grandkids before 2002, click on their links on the left  


Suzi_0601.JPG (31365 bytes)  Suzi
 June, 2001


Suz-Doug-Mel-grad.jpg (23871 bytes)

May, 1996
My son, Doug, and Daughter, Melissa help me celebrate college graduation

estregg1.jpg (50311 bytes)

The "Usual Suspects"
Easter, 1997

Bob look-alike eggsbobegghd.jpg (39759 bytes)

This is Dusty, our Cockatiel.  He has a problem:  he does not realize that these are artificial bird figurines.  dusty-01.jpg (23339 bytes)

(Dusty passed on in March, 2001 - he was with us for 17 great years!)

Home_front1.JPG (104370 bytes) Our abode; Fallbrook, California.   We are living in the "country" now - enjoying all the great things Southern California and San Diego County has to offer!Backyard1.JPG (77617 bytes)
Bob completes Home Theater Project in spare bedroom!!!  May, 2002.  Come on over for a movie and some popcorn - the price is right!! (Sorry, no room to sleep over!)  

bobbighd.jpg (47149 bytes)

This is my beloved spouse, Bob.  He claims that I give him NO respect.  (How can you think that, Bob?)  I just think he has a big head!   (He is very brainy though.)

Bob is putting together a 6,000 piece puzzle (which took over our home!) '97

bobpuzl1.jpg (36855 bytes)

Wonder Woman & Superman !

Popeye & Olive Oil !

I'm not sure who this is !!

1984:  May Yap (left), Suzi
Dolly, Doug, Melissa,
& Frankenstein in the back!!
(May was our AFS Foreign
Exchange student - from Malaysia)

     Suzi with brothers, Jack, Ken,
Walt, and Dad  

ken_2001.jpg (22475 bytes)   Sharon_2001.JPG (35269 bytes)
  Ken   &    Sharon (Ken's wife)
Jack_cycle_01.JPG (106897 bytes) Jack

Tim & Connie
Fisher_Connie.jpg (34585 bytes)Tim_w_fish.jpg (17624 bytes)


Some of Bob's "gang:"

bob-chris-marion.JPG (51841 bytes) Bob with cousin Chris and Aunt Marion.

Edith_Matt_Bob.JPG (52864 bytes) Bob with cousin Edith and her son, Matt.

Marion_nieces.jpg (55125 bytes) Bob's Aunt Marion (r) and three cousins (her nieces), Nancy, Laurie, & Mary.

Jeremiah_2.jpg (17259 bytes)

Jeremiah, Tim & Connies "baby"

dino_sue.jpg (44602 bytes) SUE, the dino! (not a relative) at Field Museum, IL.

Gpa_Gma_Taylor.JPG (14939 bytes) Grandma & Grandpa Taylor (deceased): picture hanging in foyer of Methodist Church in Cincinnati, where Grandpa was the first minister in 1950s:

Gpas_Church_2.jpg (44968 bytes)

Suzi and Bob with Suzi's cousin Dave (left)  and wife, Pat - inside Grandpa's Church

Dave_Pat_Suz_Bob.jpg (54688 bytes)

More of Bob's "gang:"

Terry_0601.JPG (19675 bytes)  Terry, Bob's brother

Terry_daughters.jpg (103583 bytes)  Terry's three daughters, Tammy (left), Tracy, and Trisha, and their six kids !!

Edith_Fred.jpg (69142 bytes) Cousin Edith and her hubby, Fred.

Snake hunt at Bob's family reunion in Wisconsin, June, 2001:

Snake_hunt.JPG (41734 bytes)





Bobs_60th.JPG (40331 bytes)  Bob turns 60 !!
(Call the fire department !!!)
bobbears.jpg (32175 bytes)  Bob visits Aunt Wilma and gets hooked into a poker game with her bears!

bob-xenia.JPG (48258 bytes)

Because he is an old man now, Bob cannot handle Xenia, he lets her overpower him (with much regret !!!)

Bob_Suzi_Sep_99.jpg (28578 bytes)  Sept., 1999
     Bob & Suzi

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